Elgar Road


7 three-storey townhouses

Glossop was engaged by the project architects, t-a square, to run the developer's case at the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT). Whitehorse City Council had refused the application for 7 three-storey townhouses on a broad set of grounds relating to neighbourhood character, on-site amenity, off-site amenity impacts and the design of the basement.

A workshop to review the design was held with the applicant's architect, landscape architect, traffic engineer and Glossop (providing planning advice).

The workshop resulted in t-a square preparing an amended set of plans for this impressive looking development.

The high quality images provided by the architect helped to highlight the design's attributes. The consultant team worked hard to ensure a high quality presentation to the street. The high front fences and secluded private open space in the front setback were a challenge, however, the architect was able to come up with a series of interesting treatments that helped make this outcome possible.

The VCAT hearing proceeded on the amended plans and ultimately VCAT directed that a permit be issued.

Architects: t-a square