15 apartment building

At Glossop, we love a challenge. But could we get a permit for a 9-storey apartment building on a site measuring just 6.55 m wide and 40.5 m deep?

Although the site was in an Enterprise Corridor and was zoned Commercial 1, the small site area posed real problems. For starters, the brief to provide a car parking space to each of the 15 dwellings on a site of only 267 m2.

The first proposal was refused by the Council and this decision was subsequently upheld at VCAT. We don’t like to give up and a second application for 15 dwellings was lodged. Of course, some changes to the plans were made to respond to VCAT’s concerns (but the number of apartments did not alter).

Pleasingly, the second application was approved by the Council without the need for a VCAT appeal.

Architects: Squillace Architects