Five storey residential development

Glossop was engaged by Taouk Architects as the lead consultancy for a five storey mixed use development comprising a convenience store, café and 16 apartments.

The challenge was to secure approval for a 5-storey apartment building in an area where the Council had expressed a strict preference for 3-storeys. A number of objectors (including an objector immediately to the south of the site) expressed concerns about the height and scale of the building.

The permit application was refused by the Council and an appeal to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal was lodged. Best Hooper Lawyers were engaged to run the case and assembled a team of experts in town planning, urban design, landscape architecture and traffic engineering.

Glossop Director, John Glossop was one of the 2 planning experts called to give evidence. Ultimately, the project was approved by VCAT at 5-storeys.

Architects: Taouk Architects