Glossop facilitates a number of programs
for Planners across Victoria through ADDO.

ADDO is a forward-thinking company that offers innovative training programs to a broad network of professionals in the planning and development industry. ADDO's programs support and connect consultant planners, local and state government planners, architects, designers, property developers and investors. ADDO's programs foster innovation, networks and understanding. They connect research with practice, and put groundbreaking ideas into practice.

ADDO currently delivers training programs which include the following topics:

  • Daylight Assessment
  • Planning for Traffic Engineers

ADDO currently delivers training programs as part of the Planet Program (PIA) which include the following topics:

  • Rescode Practice
  • Assessing Neighbourhood Character
  • Five and more Storeys - using the Guidelines for Higher Density Residential Development
  • Property Development Process for Planners
  • The Subdivision Process
  • Referral Authorities and the Planning System
  • Traffic and Parking Assessments
  • Landscape Design and Assessment

In addition, to the development of our own programs, the ADDO team can create client-specific courses tailored to meet your individual needs. ADDO can deliver programs at your premises or at an alternative venue of your choice. Talk to us about how we can solve your organisational planning training needs.

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